Node.js : npm v1.0.17 hangs for every install …

Having problems with npm V1.0.17. For every npm install <package> it just hangs after

npm verb cache add [ 'express', null ]
npm info addNamed [ 'express', '' ]
npm verb addNamed [ null, '' ]
npm verb GET express
npm verb raw, before any munging express
npm verb url resolving [ '',
npm verb url resolving   './express' ]
npm verb url resolved
npm verb url parsed { protocol: 'http:',
npm verb url parsed   slashes: true,
npm verb url parsed   host: '',
npm verb url parsed   hostname: '',
npm verb url parsed   href: '',
npm verb url parsed   pathname: '/express' }

But when I do the following it works :

and get the tarball url.
and then run npm install
This works.!!!
Why is npm install failing?

Interesting model for hosting providers for the future (Cloud hosting) …

Was reading this interesting article on heroku and other cloud hosting services. The social apps space is growing at a steady rate and with facebook showing no signs of relenting its growth, social apps and associated hosting options seems a good deal.

AWS is surely the winner with all this, but hopefully some of the VAS that some of the providers can offer on top of AWS might make life a lot easier for developers. Will keep eyes open for more on this direction.

How much buffer should we allow for in a sprint ?!

Was in a coaching session today and a discussion about buffers within a sprint came up.

Why do we need buffers?

Why do all buffers always get consumed much before the project deadline ?

Do we buffer tasks or do we buffer a project ?

Does the scrum way of task management and release management align well with buffering best practices?

Book Suggestion : Critical Chain By Eliyahu Goldratt

Nginx now used on in place of litespeed …

Have been interested in the new model that nginx comes with. I have been a apache guy for quite some time and it is interesting to see a new paradigm in webservers with nginx and others coming along.

Nginx to say the least was an interesting change in the past few years. But with this change according to Netcraft looks like we are seeing nginx in more large scale installations.

Interesting stuff :).